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Most Charming Towns in Switzerland to Visit

The cities of Zürich, Geneva, and Basel all have their own charms, but no visit to Switzerland is complete without a visit to its pastoral countryside a storybook setting of villages lost in the past.

Time is divided by snow covered mountains, pristine lakes and sprawling alpine meadows of wildflowers. Whether you’re looking for the history of their medieval churches and squares or the healing benefits of their high altitude trails. Let find out These Most Charming Towns in Switzerland to Visit below.

Most Charming Towns in Switzerland to Visit


There’s something irresistibly charming about this small city by Lake Lucerne. We ticked it off to the car free Old Town and the numerous bridges over the many canals. The Chapel Bridge, a 14th century covered wooden bridge with ceiling beams decorated with paintings, is by far the most famous bridge. Walk its length and you’ll find the octagonal Water Tower, a city landmark that has stood for many generations as a medieval dungeon, an archive and a vault. That is once of These Most Charming Towns in Switzerland to Visit.

To see the city and surrounding countryside from a new perspective, ride aboard an open air double decker tram called the CabriO, which takes guests to the top of Mount Stanserhorn for 360 degree views and walking trails long road. However, a tour of the lake on one of the steamboats departing from Lucerne’s Vierwaldstättersee pier promises to be no less romantic.



This isolated farming village in Switzerland’s Bernese Oberland was hidden from the world for centuries until, in 1818, its first hotel was built. As a result, Grindelwald began to steadily gain popularity as more and more people sought out the astonishing beauty of the mountains and wildflower strewn meadows in its valleys carved millions of years ago by rivers. melting ice hence the nickname.

The first skiers arrived in 1881. Today, its ski resort is the largest in the Jungfrau region. It’s one of the few mountain resort towns that can be reached by car so it’s easier to reach. The First Flyer, a zip line ride up the mountain, is a great way to take in the surroundings although you should also book a ticket for a seat on the area’s cog train, which takes tourists visitors to the Top of Europe 11,330 foot high train station in Eiger. These Most Charming Towns in Switzerland to Visit.



There’s no denying the magic of Lauterbrunnen, 20 minutes south of Interlaken: the town sits at the foot of a U shaped valley with jutting mountains on either side. The sheer cliff faces are home to count them 72 cascading waterfalls, one of which seems to plunge straight into town. Fun fact: on a hike through the valley in 1911, JRR Tolkien was so moved by the landscape that it served as a model for his sketches of Rivendell a fictional goblin realm. from his The Lord of the Rings story.



On the shores of Lake Lugano, in the south of Switzerland bordering Italy, Lugano has a distinctive Mediterranean flair just look at the palm trees and subtropical plants surrounding the lake, the Italianate architecture of buildings and cobbled squares’ historic cafes Grand Café al Porto is a favorite frequented by Italian speaking locals.

The streets of the Old Town are car free, so visitors are free to stroll as slowly as they like, visiting the many cake shops and bakeries. For even more immersion, hop on the Monte San Salvatore funicular that heads south to visit surrounding villages like Carona, home to frescoed churches, and Morcote, known for its buildings Medieval arcade house and botanical park filled with wisteria, oleander, and cedar and cypress trees. These Most Charming Towns in Switzerland to Visit.


This charming resort town is a playground for Europe’s rich and famous. Certainly, St. Moritz and Zermatt may have better slopes, but you won’t find a more fashionable crowd who make good use of downtown’s upscale shops, restaurants and galleries. The mountain element is dotted with traditional alpine chalets and you have all the ingredients for an unforgettable getaway.



For everyone visiting Interlaken, the heart of the Bernese Oberland, a quick snapshot of them paragliding over the city has become a must. The panoramic views of the town, sandwiched between two lakes and surrounded by some of the country’s highest peaks such as Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau are second to none. Such the beauty has attracted many artists over the centuries, including landscape painter Franz Konig, writer Goethe and composer Felix Mendelssohn.

A gateway to the Bernese Alps, this adrenaline capital is known for its adventurous pursuits: boating on Lake Thun and Brienz, hiking in the local mountain Harder Kulm, and sightings all from above, whether by parachuting or flying. Most Charming Towns in Switzerland to Visit.