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Why You Should Visit Australia’s Northern Territory

Skip Sydney for Australia’s Northern Territory, a beautiful wilderness where you can spot wild kangaroos, learn about Aboriginal culture and get up close and personal with crocodiles. Let find out Why You Should Visit Australia’s Northern Territory Now below.

Why You Should Visit Australia’s Northern Territory

While many visitors to Australia head straight to Sydney to see Bondi Beach, the Opera House and countless gourmet restaurants in the city centre, only the most intrepid travelers fly north. Almost a four hour flight from Sydney, Darwin feels a world away from the bustling metropolis. Here, Aboriginal culture remains largely intact and the Australian way of life is preserved.

Why You Should Visit Australia’s Northern Territory Now

When your plane lands in Darwin, the gateway to the Northern Territory, you’ll fly over the impossibly blue waters surrounding the town of Top End, beckoning the idea of an afternoon swim in the thick heat coverage throughout the region.

While a relaxing dip in the ocean sounds like the perfect way to cool off, the waters around Darwin are home to a thriving population of crocodiles. Advice to the wise: Only swim in crocodile free areas or at hotels, where some coastal facilities have exploited parts of the ocean to create a safe swimming area for guest. That is once of Why You Should Visit Australia’s Northern Territory Now.

After exploring Darwin, venture two hours east to the wetlands of Mary River National Park for a stay at the 10 cabin, 15 tent Wildman Wilderness Lodge, a luxury retreat from the wilderness and the unrelenting heat of the area. Swim in the property’s plunge pool and stay until the sun goes down.

At dusk, kangaroos and kangaroos emerge from their hiding places and jump everywhere a once in a lifetime sight indeed. The property also offers exclusive excursions such as cruising through the wetlands, where crocodiles and buffalo roam.

Why You Should Visit Australia’s Northern Territory Now

But to really experience the rugged Northern Territory, you have to step away from luxurious comfort. Instead of a row of tents, choose to camp in the heart of Kakadu National Park with Lord Kakadu & Arnhemland Safaris, where day hikes lead to hidden 20,000 years old Aboriginal rock art in the midst of a sea of rocks that shape the horizon on a vast network of tropical savannahs.


While in the park, adventure down the South Alligator River on a Yellow Water Cruise: While drifting along the river, crocodiles will rise to the surface, slide through canals and reveal notched reptile skin.

For a local perspective, board the Guluyambi Cruise along the East Alligator River. Here, an Aboriginal guide will lead you through the border with Arnhem Land: Once the road is cleared of crocodiles, you can journey into Arnhem Land, where you will be told about this land. through Aboriginal history handed down from their ancestors.

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Learn about Aboriginal culture at the region’s highly regarded art studio, Injalak Arts. The workshop supports artists who are reinventing the tradition of storytelling by designing canvas each picture is engraved with symbols to tell a story. There are also beautiful hand woven bowls in every color the perfect gift to take home.

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After perusing the works and learning from the artists themselves, enlist the help of a local guide to take you to Injalak Hill, which showcases rock art from generations before. Bring a packed lunch to enjoy in a shady stone nook overlooking the endless floodplains.

For the ultimate excursion into the wilderness of Australia’s Northern Territory, choose to sail along the Adelaide River, home to the infamous jumping crocodiles. Once inside the safe cage, watch the area’s apex predator take to the air, snapping its sharp teeth.

After so many adventures in the Northern Territory, choose to explore the Blue Mountains: Just outside Sydney, this area is a popular getaway for locals. Leaving Sydney, hop on a private helicopter to fly you to Emirates One & Only Wolgan Valley, an oasis of 40 villas located in the middle of Australia’s Great Divide between Wollemi National Park and Gardens of Stone National Park.

Once you arrive, rest up in luxury before going on a safari in the grounds as thousands of kangaroos, kangaroos and koalas surround your jeep. You can also go hiking on the grounds and swim in your own private plunge pool. But whatever you do, don’t miss the chance to ride at the private stables, where Sheikh Mohammed of the United Arab Emirates retires his old racehorses.