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Best Island to Visit Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Let the stars guide your next getaway. Here, the best island to visit based on your zodiac sign. Chelsea is a writer, editor and travel photographer based in Brooklyn. When she’s not at home to eat on her way to New York City, she’ll travel the world, sailing along the Croatian coast or hiking the mountain peaks of Peru. Her superpowers include booking flight deals and sleeping on small plane seats. Let find out The Best Island to Visit Based on Your Zodiac Sign below.

Best Island to Visit Based on Your Zodiac Sign


People born under the sign of Pisces tend to be spiritual visionaries who are always looking for the long haul. Right up their alley. The island nation of Taiwan. Explore Taipei’s Raohe Street night market, visit a teahouse in the mist shrouded mountain town of Jiufen, and wander the trails around Sun Moon Lake followed by a night’s stay in a villa at Lalu, a small island in the center of the lake.

Taroko National Park’s scenic Central Cross Island Highway winds through canyons and around peaks, while Mount Shoushan is home to playful monkeys that greet visitors on the paths go. That is once of The Best Island to Visit Based on Your Zodiac Sign.



Thanks to their open minded and adventurous personality, Sagittarius tends to enjoy traveling a lot. These global travel enthusiasts are always on the lookout for the next must visit destination, and the standard getaways don’t always cut it. A quick flight south from Hong Kong, this small inlet is China’s answer to Hawaii: its windswept shores offer perfect surfing and lush hinterland, centered around around a volcanic park, and Buddhist temples and ancient lava rock villages.

The four miles crescent shaped beach along Yalong Bay is famous for its crystal clear waters teeming with colorful fish. That is once of The Best Island to Visit Based on Your Zodiac Sign. Cruise in a floating tent at Sanya EDITION, a 50 acre property turned into a 5 acre private ocean destination, filled with 10 million gallons of water from the adjacent South China Sea.

The manicured grounds look like a fairy tale garden, complete with a lotus pond, bamboo groves and meditation areas. There’s also a rooftop infinity pool, a two story spa, three galleries with rotating Chinese artworks, and four East Asian restaurants, one of which is a floating dining room by boat gondola.



Nothing excites Scorpio more than going off the grid and playing adventure. And there’s no better place to do it than the Galápagos. The wildlife-filled archipelago, located off the coast of Ecuador, has always been a paradise for nature enthusiasts. Its shores are more likely to see sea lions, iguanas, giant turtles and penguins than people.

Explore one of the suites at Pikaia Lodge, complete with bamboo floors, Peruvian travertine marble bathrooms and large terraces overlooking arid savanna. What we love most: the hotel’s private yacht can take you on personal expeditions, so you can explore the area like Charles Darwin did. Best Island to Visit Based on Your Zodiac Sign.



Taurus is all about top extravagance. When it comes to traveling, they want to be pampered, no matter the cost. Step into the ultra luxurious Four Seasons in Bora Bora. You’ll be escorted on a private yacht across the South Pacific to an overwater bungalow or secluded beachfront villa. And when you get there, you’ll never have to lift a finger.

A private butler caters to your every whim, and in room meals are delivered by ceremonial Polynesian canoe. You can even share the see through dress with A list stars like Orlando Bloom, Miranda Kerr, and Jennifer Aniston, all of whom are previous guests. Want to Bring Your Crew Spend a few nights at Conrad Bora Bora Nui, the only resort in the area with two storys overwater bungalows.



Geminis are the most social of the signs and are always trying to have a good time. We found this fun group heading to Ibiza, Spain’s famous party island. If you want to be in the middle of the action, stay at the luxurious Nobu Hotel Ibiza on Talamanca Bay, assisted by chef Nobu Matsuhisa and partner Robert DeNiro.

The luxurious seaside accommodations are decorated with a peaceful palette of sandy beige, light driftwood and navy blue, Downstairs, there are four restaurants including a typical Japanese Peruvian Nobu outpost. Best Island to Visit Based on Your Zodiac Sign.

There’s even an on site nail salon and drying bar to polish your outfit for the evening. Looking to get a beauty break. Stay at Aguas de Ibiza in Santa Eulalia, a quieter, more casual town. Here, you can relax by the pool, enjoy sunbathing sessions at the rooftop bar or relax at the Clarins Spa. And when you’re ready to head out, Nikki Beach, one of the island’s best nightclubs, is a short walk away.