Food Ideas For Christmas Party
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The 7 Best Food Ideas For Christmas Party and Ideal Menu For You

Prepare the corporate Food Ideas For Christmas Party that bring the Christmas atmosphere and are suitable for the organization’s budget. Please read the article with exact suggestions from us.

Types of corporate Christmas party menus:

1. Appetizer

The appetizer is the first dish served at the party. Your company can prepare a party menu with snacks to stimulate the appetite of the guests. Such as mannequins, salads, salads, soups… Christmas weather is often cold, and the trend of choosing an appetizer on that night is soup. They are easy to eat and help warm the stomach before coming to the main course.

Food Ideas For Christmas Party

2. Main dishes

The main dishes are mostly traditional dishes on holidays such as baked turkey, steak… Besides, the company’s Christmas party menu also mixes a few cool dishes for guests to enjoy. bored.

3. Desserts

It can be said that the role of dessert is extremely important. They determine the success of a Christmas party. We have a quite luxurious menu to treat guests. However, you can choose a few easy-to-eat desserts such as cakes, puddings, fruit jellies, and juices to serving at the end.

Some traditional Food Ideas For Christmas Party:

Below, we would like to offer specific Food Ideas For Christmas Party. Depending on the number and taste of guests. And especially the company budget to have a reasonable choice of office Christmas party menu.

1. Roasted chicken

In the Christmas parties of Westerners, especially in Finland and England, roast turkey is indispensable. In the past, people used to use geese. But later, because turkeys were easier and cheaper to raise, they gradually switched to being used as a substitute for geese every Christmas.

Food Ideas For Christmas Party

Roast turkey is stuffed with spices such as onions, chestnuts, celery, and carrots, and then put in the oven. When ripe, the aroma makes everyone swoon. The Christmas atmosphere was really filled with this dish as the highlight.

2. Log cakes, gingerbread cookies

The types of confectionery used for the company’s Christmas party are extremely diverse and unique. There are two most popular cakes now, which are log cakes and gingerbread cookies. Try asking children around the world, there is no one who does not know this cake.

The log cake originates from France. Soft sponge cake with cream and sponge filling. The top is covered with chocolate and buttercream to create a brown color like tree bark. That is also the reason for the name “log”.

Particularly with ginger biscuits, their taste is not too fatty. The two main ingredients, honey and ginger, blend wonderfully, making the guests’ throats feel sweet, and using this cake is very suitable for a cold Christmas night.

3. Cider, egg cocktail

The corporate Christmas party menu is certainly indispensable for drinks. The top two traditional drinks are apple cider and egg cocktail. Apple cider, unlike juice, is hard to keep for a long time. But keeping the fresh taste of ripe apples is extremely strange. The alcohol content of this wine is quite low, so children can drink it too. On Christmas Eve, sipping a little wine for “red lips with rosy cheeks”, or adding a little more chill music, what’s better?

An egg cocktail is created from sugar, cream, milk, and egg yolk. Their homeland is the country of North America. Depending on the taste of each person, you can prepare a little more brandy, rum, and whiskey for variety.

4. Mint lollipop

It would be sad if the Christmas party didn’t have candy. You see candies with beautiful green and pink twists, they are mint lollipops. Previously, lollipops were only white and straight. Then, people added red stripes and mint flavor to the candy to create attractiveness.

If your company office party night has children, then prepare this attractive gift. Ensure success is not only in the eyes of the adults, but the entire guest perceives your thoughtfulness.

5. Meat pies

Food Ideas For Christmas Party

A dish that is familiar to many people, but also very special on Christmas day. Meat pie is made from flour, kneaded like a big bag, inside minced meat, fruit, sugar, and spices. The cake as desired by many people will always be peaceful, happy, and full.

You can prepare ingredients for your staff to show off their baking skills. See this as an activity, a contest on Christmas Day. Excellent cakes will be served on the party night, and the owner of the cake will receive a worthy reward.

6. Pancakes

Add a special dish to the corporate Christmas party menu. They are not the usual pate made from pork liver or foie gras. It’s the heart, liver, brain… of the deer. Pancakes were once the first choice of aristocrats in the past. And by the 17th century, it was more popular and favored during Christmas. Perhaps, preparing the above ingredients to make traditional pate will be a bit difficult nowadays. Therefore, you can order normal liver pate and enjoy.

7. Candy marbles

Similar to candy canes, glue balls are the Best Food Ideas For Christmas Party. Only they are not as famous. Balloons come in many flavors for everyone to choose from. They appeal to many children and adults alike because of their rich sweetness and clear shape like a bird’s egg.

Some snacks Food Ideas For Christmas Party:

For companies that do not have much time, preparation, and especially limited budget. It is difficult to prepare all the traditional Christmas dishes above. Besides, it is a priority for sweet parties through colorful dessert tables. They are both beautiful and cheap, fast service and especially still very “Christmas” and won the hearts of many people. Let’s take a look at some of these parties!

1. Pudding

Food Ideas For Christmas Party

The Christmas party must have a greasy, fragrant pudding. In the 15th century, the pudding was made from plums, veal, breadcrumbs, herbs, dried fruit, spices, and wine. Now, meats and vegetables are replaced, their current ingredients only milk, eggs, sugar, and flavoring ingredients. Pudding for the Christmas party also has peas or coins in it, because it is believed that whoever eats this part will have good luck for the whole year.

2. Sausage cake with cheese

Cakes made from cheese fibers, milk cream, sausages, and eggs… are all familiar ingredients that are easy to make just by looking at the recipe. Soft bread when combined with greasy cheese, and round smoked sausage must make everyone excited. During the Christmas tea break at the office, give this cake a priority.

3. Hamburger

Food Ideas For Christmas Party

The next Best Food Ideas For Christmas Party is hamburgers. A very familiar cake in the West, and is now loved by many people. Hamburger with beef, with a little fatty cheese, will make guests feel satisfied. After each “dance”, this is what is needed to help the guests regain their energy quickly.

4. Ham cheese sandwich

The premium cake is extremely nutritious, seemingly only served for the breakfast of the “giants”. Now it is also very popular and used a lot in sweet parties, especially office Christmas parties.

Ham cheese sandwich has a delicious taste and extremely beautiful shape, which will make the company table more attractive. Leaving in the hearts of guests the impression not only of the performances but also of the menu for the party night. Don’t think too much, list this cake on the company’s Christmas party menu right away.


Above is a suggestion for corporate Food Ideas For Christmas Party. Finally, wish your company will have a delicious, cozy office Christmas party and be praised by many guests.