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The 7 Best Chicago Pizza Restaurants We Love

In Chicago Pizza Restaurants always generate a lot of discussions. Whether it’s thin or deep dish, ardent supporters on both sides won’t compromise. Fortunately, pizza chefs all over the city are specializing in a wide range of styles to please everyone. While some locations have been around for a long time and others are relatively new, they are all pushing the envelope and having an impact on the neighborhood scene. The list that follows is only a small sample of Chicago Pizza Restaurants; many of your favorites may have been missed.

The 7 Best Chicago Pizza Restaurants We Love

1. Union Squared Chicago Pizza Restaurants

Chicago Pizza Restaurants

Despite the recent popularity of Detroit-style pizza, this Evanston Chicago Pizza Restaurants has been serving it exclusively since 2016. The currently popular squares are typically made with a thick-yet-light crust, Wisconsin brick cheese, toppings, and lines of tomato sauce on top. They are baked in rectilinear metal pans, which aid in crisping the edges and caramelizing the cheese. The Godfather (sausage, pancetta, pepperoni), Detroit Michoacan (chorizo, pineapple, onion, roasted jalapeno cream), and Nickel City Red Hot are just a few of the exciting combinations available at Union Squared (buffalo chicken, blue cheese, red onion).

2. George’s Deep Dish

While the majority of Chicago’s renowned deep dish specialists have been in business for a very long time, a few newcomers are making outstanding contributions that deserve significant attention. George Bumbaris, the chef and owner of George’s in Edgewater, draws inspiration for his inventive pies from a number of nearby pizzerias. Like at Pequod’s, the crispy edges are coated in caramelized cheese, and the sourdough crust is similar to focaccia and dusted with cornmeal on the bottom.

And Bumbaris layers the garnishes on top of the sweet tomato sauce rather than below it. The intriguing dishes, which bear the names of famous Georges, include Clooney’s ER (pepperoni, sausage, meatballs, and bacon) and Michael’s S&M. (spaghetti, meatballs, ricotta, roasted garlic). Just a few pizzas are made each day at the Chicago Pizza Restaurants, which only offers carryout and delivery.

3. Milly’s Pizza In The Pan

Robert Maleski, who was faced with dim prospects at the start of the pandemic, started making pizza and operating a virtual restaurant before settling down permanently in Uptown in early 2022. Burt Katz, a Chicago legend, was the inspiration for his version of pan pizza, which has a ring of caramelized mozzarella around the dough.

Chicago Pizza Restaurants

The crunchy crust is topped with topping combinations like Que Suerte (pineapple, cherry tomatoes, jalapenos, brown sugar bacon),, and lots of cheese and tomato sauce (peppadew peppers, sausage, mushrooms, red onions, tomatoes, spinach, ricotta). Dollops of fresh mozzarella are also used to finish off all pies.

4. Robert’s Pizza Company

The rivalry between Chicago and New York for the best pizza is fierce, but every so often, we Midwesterners fall in love with an import from the East Coast. The same is true of Robert Garvey’s riverfront pie shop in Streeterville, owned by a New Yorker. Garvey, you see, is a certified pizzaiolo who spent close to 20 years perfecting the anatomical shape of the crust.

These thin-crust pizzas are baked in a brick oven, have the ideal crunch-to-chew ratio, and are topped with a variety of inventive ingredients. Although you can make your own, why bother? A long list of delectable pairings has been concocted by Garvey, including the duck prosciutto with Calabrian chile, fresh mozzarella, and tomato sauce.

5. Pizza Friendly- Best Chicago Pizza Restaurants

Chicago Pizza Restaurants

It was a scrappy but optimistic collaboration between friends Noah Sandoval (Oriole, Kumiko) and Bruce Finkelman, managing partner of 16″ on Center, that epitomized the year 2020 as Bite Cafe changed into Pizza Friendly Pizza (Empty Bottle, Bite Cafe). Pizza is the highlight of the menu, as the name would imply, and more specifically, thick Sicilian-style ‘za with a bubbly crust and crispy, caramelized edges. The enjoyable part now. To place an order, proceed to the alleyway behind the building. There, you will find several tables with plants strung from the ceiling, a small window, and a host stand.

6. Forno Rosso Chicago Pizza Restaurants

Forno Rosso managed to survive the pandemic, a difficult time when dine-in services weren’t reliable. While most pizza joints promote takeout, Forno Rosso abides by the stringent guidelines established in Italy for Neapolitan pizza. Therefore, takeout is prohibited because it is thought that the pie’s quality will degrade during transportation. The dining room is once again crowded with customers enjoying some of the best thin-crust pizzas in the city that are made with Italian ingredients now that COVID restrictions have been relaxed. The West Loop location also reopened following renovations.

7. Zazas Pizzeria Restaurant

The slices at this tiny Lakeview shop may cause native New Yorkers to pause, but there’s no denying their mouthwatering appeal. Producing ‘zas in the New York style with a hint of Neapolitan flair are brothers Brett and Chadd Nemec. This translates to a crust that is thin, chewy, and foldable and is topped with soppressata, shiitake mushrooms, and Calabrian chili.

Chicago Pizza Restaurants

Nine artisan specialties are offered on the menu, such as the Truffle Mushroom Pie, White Pie, and Bacon Jam Pie (with red onions, Calabrian chili, cotija cheese, Szechuan garlic oil, and scallions) (shiitake mushrooms, rosemary, garlic truffle cream, goat cheese, sea salt). There are sporadically limited supplies of grandma-style pizzas available at this BYOB restaurant.


Chicago is a deep-dish kind of town, no matter how you slice it. These are our top Chicago Pizza Restaurants for eating well-known dishes. Thank you for reading our article!