Life insurance companies

The 6 Best Life Insurance Companies in 2023

Purchasing a Life insurance companies can aid in giving your loved ones financial security, but making the appropriate decision can be challenging. There are numerous varieties of life insurance coverage. Some have a predetermined length of time, such as term Life insurance companies. Others, such as perpetual life insurance policies, might give lifetime protection along with additional savings or investing features. You may be required to complete medical questionnaires under some policies, and some even guarantee your approval.

Here is a list of the top life insurance providers for 2023 to get you started. We’ve also gathered information about the many types of plans, the methodology used to generate life insurance quotes, and the steps involved in buying a policy once you’ve found the one you want. will provide some of information for you in this post.


Without a medical exam, Bestow offers term Life insurance companies plans, but prospective customers must first complete a health assessment. Unlike the majority of the firms in our review, you may apply for a policy and get a quote directly from the company’s website without using a separate agent. This is due to the fact that Bestow is an online life insurance company. The North American Co. for Life and Health Insurance is responsible for issuing and managing its policies.

Policies: Term only

Coverage limits: Bestow offers insurance plans with limits of $50,000 to $1.5 million.

Haven Life

Life insurance companies
Life insurance companies

Haven Life offers term Life insurance companies coverage with an online application process, much as Bestow. The only free add-on that Haven provides, in contrast to Bestow, is an expedited death benefit that is a part of both the Haven Term and Haven Simple policies. There are no add-ons you can purchase to tailor your coverage.Haven Life is regarded as an insurance provider. The Life insurance companies that issue the products it sells are MassMutual and C.M. Life Insurance Co., a division of MassMutual.

Policies: Term only

Coverage limits: Coverage options from $25,000 to $3 million are available via Haven Life.

State Farm

In our survey, State Farm received the greatest ratings for its ability to provide both term and permanent Life insurance companies. Additionally, it provides a number of optional riders, including a waiver of premium for disability and a rider for children’s terms. The Instant Answer Term and Guaranteed Issue Final Expense insurance are two more that don’t demand a medical exam. To acquire a policy, you will need to work with an agent.

Policies: Term, whole life, final expense, universal, survivorship universal, and joint universal

Coverage limits: For its final expense policy, coverage begins at $10,000 and increases from there. Its term Life insurance companies products start at $50,000 in coverage. The maximum coverage limitations for any given policy must be discussed with a State Farm agent.


Life insurance companies
Life insurance companies

All U.S. citizens and permanent residents may apply for USAA’s life insurance plans, however the majority of its coverage, such as vehicle or home insurance, are only available to active duty military, veterans, and members of their immediate families. Military personnel can take advantage of various benefits of USAA life insurance plans, such as expedited application processing if you’re about to deploy and coverage in the event of the insured person’s death in the course of hostilities or due to an act of terrorism.

The universal Life insurance companies offered by USAA is not offered in New York and is supplied by John Hancock. Its guaranteed whole life insurance coverage is not offered in Montana and is underwritten by Mutual of Omaha.

Policies: Term, universal, and whole life

Coverage limits: Term insurance from USAA ranges from $100,000 to $10 million for the Level Term V coverage. While its universal policy can also offer coverage up to $10 million, its entire plans start at $2,000 and go up to that amount.


Life insurance companies
Life insurance companies

Term Life insurance companies, as well as many whole and universal life policies, are all offered by Nationwide. Long-term care, accidental death benefit, expedited death benefit, and conditional return of premium are some of the riders that can be added to your plans to make them more unique. For its term insurance, you can acquire a price and apply online, but for its permanent policies, you’ll need to consult with a Nationwide agent.

Policies: Term, Whole, Variable, Indexed, and Survivorship Indexed Universal

Coverage limits: The coverage provided by Nationwide insurance begins at $10,000 and increases from there. Contact a Nationwide insurance representative to find out the maximum amount of coverage permitted by a policy.


MassMutual offers a comprehensive range of insurance products. It can be changed to a permanent policy if you buy its term coverage from a MassMutual agent. Online term policy purchases are also an option, but they must be made via Haven Life, a MassMutual subsidiary, and they cannot be changed. Additionally, you can begin the claim submission procedure online.

Policies: Term, Whole, Variable, and Survivorship Universal

Coverage limits: The type of policy will determine the coverage limits. The outcome of the underwriting process will determine the upper limit for a number of its policies. A term insurance policy obtained through an agent has a set $10 million maximum level of coverage.