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Beautiful University Galleries In Thailand

Thailand’s universities and their galleries have played an important role in developing the country’s art scene and are a fascinating contrast to the commercial world and the galleries of Thailand, Bangkok. The show is privately owned by Chiang Mai. More than just a space for students, the galleries at Slipakorn, Chulalongkorn, Chiang Mai and Bangkok University are cultural hubs showcasing works by renowned artists from Thailand and abroad.

Art is a fundamental part of Thailand’s social and cultural identity. A core subject in the national curriculum and a way to learn about the country’s rich history, it is seen by many as a natural element of a Thai education. Let explore These Beautiful University Galleries In Thailand

 Beautiful University Galleries In Thailand 


The successful government of King Chulalongkorn introduced a number of necessary reforms, one of which was increased support for the education system. The king founded a school in 1871 on the grounds of the great palace, which for 11 years became a place of study for government officials. His son, King Vajiravudh remembering his father’s intention to create an institution of higher education, established a school where the curriculum expanded to include areas such as law, international relations, engineering or medicine.

Today’s curriculum features highly regarded curricula in the fine and applied arts, and the university prides itself on its thriving cultural scene, animated by the work of its teachers. pellets. professors and students. The school’s arts center is located on the seventh floor of the Academic Resource Center on campus.

The gallery’s goal is to show more than traditional fine art works and media, such as painting, sculpture or photography, their particular interest lies in creative ideas, trying experience. is accomplished through multidisciplinary practice. In addition to well known national and international artists, the gallery also displays works by the university’s faculty and art professors.

Chulalongkorn University Art Center


In the 1920s, King Chulalongkorn sent Italian artist Corrado Feroci to work as a sculptor at the government headquarters Department of Fine Arts. Feroci was assigned to teach government craftsmen in Western engineering and sculpture, to build monuments to the country’s capital. The artist was so attached to Thailand and its culture that he became a Thai national, taking the name Silpa Bhirasri.

He expanded his classes, began teaching to the public and eventually, founded the School of Fine Arts. He brought the foundations of academic art to Thailand, teaching his students to work from nature, and encourage them to continue learning about Thai art. In 1943, Bhirasri’s school developed into Silpakorn University.

Initially, there were only two disciplines of painting and sculpture. Over time, more programs were introduced: in addition to painting and sculpture, students could immerse themselves in architecture, archaeology and decorative arts.

Today, the university includes the faculties of Art and Design, Music, Science and Technology, among others. Silparkorn University Arts Center is located in the heart of the campus, in the former royal buildings. It presents contemporary art by a range of international artists, as well as entries prepared by our students and works by art professors and teaching assistants.

While temporary exhibitions are a regular fixture, the gallery is home to many other major art activities and events: among them are the National Art Gallery, the Contemporary Art Exhibition, and the National Gallery of Art. and National Art Exhibition. of young artists and the National Exhibition of Ceramic Art, all of which are cultural highlights of the Thai calendar.

Silpakorn University


Established in 1962, Bangkok University is the oldest private university in Thailand. The University’s gallery, BUG, opened in 2006 for the purpose of displaying works by students and staff. Each year, BUG organizes six exhibitions accompanied by lectures, seminars, art projects and workshops, to ensure that a complementary background to the art is exhibited.

One of the most interesting recent exhibitions, Sweet Nightmare, includes works by artists such as Arin Rungjang, Dusadee Huntrakul, Jaitip Jaidee, Kornkrit Jianpinidnan, Santi Lawrachawee and Thanarat Siripidej. Through conceptually mixed media placements, the artists provided insight into their personal stories.

Bangkok University’s Rangsit campus is home to the Museum of Southeast Asian Ceramics, which offers an unprecedented insight into how ancient pottery was made in Southeast Asia. The museum, which is also a research and training facility, shows the art and history of pottery, as well as its preservation. That is once of These Beautiful University Galleries In Thailand.

Bangkok University Gallery